Review: Cobalt Grille

“Cobalt Grille” -Virginia Beach, Virginia

American bistros are some of my favorite places to dine. Cobalt Grille located in Virginia Beach, Virginia is a modern American Bistro attached to a shopping center in the wealthier hilltop district. They serve modern American food with a hint of European influence. I decided to kickoff my new year at Cobalt as a judge to see how my 2021 would go. Not unlike a gopher, if they served me raw, bland, sub-par food, we were in for another terrible year. If the food made me forget about last years problems, was cooked to perfection and made me wish I had ordered a second plate, I could welcome 2021 in open arms. The future looks bright…


Fried Green Tomatoes *Cobalt Grille*

First on the menu was the fried green tomatoes. One of my favorite appetizers because they are so delicious , but they are also so simple they can easily be ruined. These were perfect. I often find that FGT are cut either to thick or too thin, but these came out great. Panko bread crumbs, parmesan, perfectly seasoned fried disks served with a garlic aioli. If im being picky, the only thing I will say negatively about these, is they were not seasoned as much as I prefer. This may be my personal preference , but a splash of paprika , possibly just a tad more salt, would have done the trick, but ultimately I would give these 4 out of 5 stars. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️.


Cranberry Margarita-Cobalt Grille

Cobalt Grille has a varied cocktail list ranging from whiskey, tequila , and gin. As someone who only started drinking last year, I chose to go with a simple but great tasting cranberry margarita. The margaritas was not to strong which I appreciated , full of flavor and accented with a lime wedge, and iceball with 4 four cranberries frozen at the bottom. As much as I enjoyed the drink, the kid in me could not wait for this everlasting ice-ball to melt so I could get to the cranberries. I am not even that into cranberries, but there was something about seeing them in the ball that made me want to free them. Of all the cocktails this one was tasty, but if your looking for a stronger bite, I would choose their Old Fashioned, its fantastic.


Rack of Lamb w/ Parmesan Risotto

Lamb chops are one of my most favorite foods on this planet. The perfect chop for me is served medium rare, with a nice char on the outside served alongside an amazing sauce. Cobalt Grille just missed perfection on this beautiful plate, with a slightly underdone set of lamb chops. Although the chops were just slightly underdone, they weren’t inedible, and tasted great with the sauce they were covered in. The lamb texture was soft and tender (as lamb should be) with added sweetness from the sauce with a hint of rosemary. The parmesan risotto pairs perfectly with this dish, and is cooked just the same. Strong but not overpowering taste of parmesan , just the right amount of salt and pepper, and the perfect serving size. Mix in the resting juices from the lamb, and its like eating a symphony of flavors. It is that good, especially if you take a scoop of risotto just as your finishing that bite of lamb.


Dessert here is nothing to write home about. Don’t get me wrong, dessert was delicious , but it was just okay. A standard key lime pie, average creme brûlée , and a rich standard chocolate cake. Honestly I didn’t expect to be blow away by dessert, because I know the strength behind cobalt grille is in its entrees. If you do have a sweet tooth and don’t feel like going anywhere else on your night out, I would grab the chocolate cake, or the brûlée. The key lime pie didn’t have that perfect ration of tart and sweet a key lime pie should have, but it is worth noting that many cannot pull this off.


Cobalt Grille is a classy American bistro with exposed brick walls, solid appetizers, great entrees, and decent desserts. Overall I would give Cobalt four stars considering the service, food, and cocktails I experienced while dining. The low light and quiet atmosphere definitely makes it a great place for a date night or for adult special occasion. Next time your in Hampton Roads, or if you a local, defiantly check out Cobalt Grille, it will be work it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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