Review: Gordon Ramsay Steak

Baltimore, Maryland

If you know me, you know that if I said I was a big Gordon Ramsay fan, you might say that that was the largest understatement of the millennium. Much like the Rock, I feel like I have sworn a blood oath to support everything Gordon Ramsay has placed his name on. So when I was given the chance to visit Gordon Ramsay Steak in Baltimore, Maryland, it was like receiving Christmas presents in the fall. My only disappointment is I did not get to see Executive Chef of U.S. Operations Chef Christina Wilson, who I was hoping was there but knew in all probability I would not see her.

I know your bummed that i was only able to check out one appetizer, but I wanted to experience as much as I could without burning cash. Let me tell you that GRS is not cheap venue to have a date night, but the money is well worth it. The ambiance, the service, and of course the food is all incredibly well done, and managed. Take this pork belly appetizer for example with an amazingly sweet ju sitting on top a beef of collards and grits.

The top of the pork belly was crispy, on top just as it should be, but moist and so tender in the center. The perfect amount of fat with the perfect amount of pork meat. Take a piece of protein, a scoop of grits, some collards, and a dash of that ju on one fork, and be prepare to forget about any problem going on in the world, it was fantastic! I will admit I am a tad biased towards Gordon Ramsay restaurants, but there is no denying the level of satisfaction starting your dinner off with this!

How could you go to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant and not get the famous beef Wellington.The beef wellington came with mashed potatoes veggies and steak ju, cooked medium rare. Presentation was amazing, and the smell coming of the plate was infectious. Tasting the pastry, and mushroom duxelles and that tender filet was something everyone should experience. I have tried to make a wellington before based on a GR recipe, but this was a true wellington. My biggest complaint is the size, even knowing the type of steak I was eating, I felt like 8oz is not enough for the price.

My bone-in ribeye was huge, I honestly did not think I would be able to finish even half of it, the picture truly does not do the size justice. It’s always a feat of skill, and knowledge when you can take a 20oz piece of meat with the bone and cook it to the perfect temperature. Seasoned with salt & pepper, served with steak ju, not picking up the left over bone with the little bit of meat left and devouring it like an animal was a test of will. I thought i would take some of this steak with me home, I was wrong I ate every bite.

The sides were okay, by no means the star of the show but thats why they call them sides. A nice bowl of mashed potatoes, some thin crispy fries, and a nice helping of mac & cheese. I would recommend not getting the sides, and instead spend the money on the wagyu beef they sell for $40/oz if they have it available. unfortunately they did not when I visited.

When I plan on visiting a restaurant, I typically look up the reviews so I know what to expect and what to order ahead of time. I look at photos others have taken about the decor and take recommendations based on the good, bad, and ugly reviews others leave about the food they eat. Do a quick google search of this restaurant and you will find one menu item stands out more than anything else, the Sticky Toffee Pudding.

This dessert is the Devils work. There is no reason anything in this world should taste so incredibly delicious, should melt perfectly in your mouth, and at the same time look so standard! When served, the pudding cake looks like a bland, brown piece of cake that is missing the icing, served with a side of butter? Then the magic happens, when the waitress pours the hot sticky toffee pudding brown sugar sauce over the cake, and you take what you thought was butter and spread it on your cake only to find out its the most amazing vanilla ice cream. You have not experienced real pleasure until you have tried this amazing dessert for yourself. Once you have tried it you will remember your life as before sticky toffee pudding, and your life after!

There’s not much to say about GRS other than its an amazing dining experience that everyone should enjoy. From an incredible ambiance a friendly staff and incredibly amazing food, you could surely make a trip to Baltimore just to give this restaurant a go. Afterward you can even take some bets at the casino GRS is attached to. Either way, make a reservation to check out this amazing restaurant and if you happen to see Gordon or Christina, make sure you tell them I said hey!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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