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“Detroit Cookie Co.” Detroit, Michigan

Who doesn’t love a great cookie? Sweetened dough, chocolate chips, Oreos, white chocolate drizzled on top. Cookies are a pastry version of ice cream. My favorite type of cookie is crispy on the outer edges, and increasingly gooey towards the middle. Detroit Cookie Co. located in Detroit, Michigan converted me to the wild another side of cookies 🍪.

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The only issue you could truly find with Detroit Cookie Co. is the amount of sugar you would consume devouring these amazing cookies. You can rack up the blood sugar levels by eating some of the cookies, but they are so delicious that it’s worth the coma. There is almost any combination of sweet flavors you can think of depending on when you walk in. Think and crispy superwoman cookies that me of the famous Superman ice cream generally found in the north. Cookie monster cookies that feel like Inception ( a cookie, within a cookie). Chocolate chip cookies, with chocolate chips the size of a quarter stuffed in a cookie the size of both hands.

Not just all about the cookie…

Detroit Cookie Co. may be founded on the cookie, but they have other sweet treats that give their staple desserts, a run for its money. Cheesecakes, cookie bars, ice cream cookie treats make up the library of treats you can mix and match. Typically you’ll find collaborations with other local sweet treat companies, like the ice cream parlors. If you are not in the mood for a cookie the ever-evolving dessert menu here can always deliver something for you!

The woman behind the cookie..

I have not had the pleasure to talk to the owner of the Detroit Cookie Company personally. Lauren Roumayah is all over Instagram for Detroit Cookie Co. and her energy is infectious. Her marketing is hilarious, and the team is always wonderful. The team providing the customer service is also always smiling and so helpful in recommending flavors and cookies. Lauren is a Michigan native, graduating from Wayne State University, and originally selling cookies wholesale and online. Eventually, she & her husband leaped to open a brick-and-mortar location, which quickly became a cookie phenomenon. Stop into Detroit Cookie Co. order a cookie see if Lauren is in and tell her we said hey!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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