I Tried “Liquid Death” Water..

Liquid Death, Made to Murder you Thirst!

When I first saw advertisements for Liquid Death over a year ago, I thought it was a beer. I mean honestly , look at the can and tell me at first glance it’s not some type of alcoholic beverage. When I went for a drive with a friend, you should have seen his face believing that I was drinking and driving. With all the flair, gold, and marketing behind such a loud and unique can of water, it should be an incredible thirst quenching sip..right?

Liquid Death Can.

The first thing that comes to mind when I tasted Liquid Death, is that it was very dry. It was weird , here I am sipping water, and I actually felt the opposite of what the entire can says I should feel. A murder of my thirst. I tried to power through the entire can, but I couldn’t, I went for one of the standard brands I love for water. I wouldn’t say I didn’t enjoy the taste, but something about the water just did not make me feel like I was quenching any kind of thirst. This was the flat version, I can’t imagine what the sparkling Liquid Death water taste like.

The only thing I can say I relatively like about the water , was that it surprisingly did not have a metallic taste to it. This didn’t do anything to the taste for me , I was just pleasantly surprised it did not taint the water.

I always advocate to try new brands and taste new versions of our favorite drinks and snacks. I probably won’t be trying Liquid Death again, it didn’t check any of my boxes. It’s possible I was expecting something that would change the way I drink water because of the marketing surrounding the brand. The high expectations I had wrote a check that the actually product just could not cash…

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