Energy Drink Review: Coke Energy (Zero Sugar)

Last year when Coke unveiled there new energy drink during the Super Bowl, I was very skeptical. Some would argue that energy drinks are a bad habit, but when I get up at 3 am and have a full days work ahead of me I can’t help but indulge. Combine that with the apparent marketing power of Jonah Hill and Coke in an energy drink commercial during Super Bowl , I was sucked into giving it a try. A year later I am hooked, not only because of the taste, that taste surprisingly like a regular coke, but also the zero sugar version is zero calorie, low sodium, and free of aspartame.

Coke energy comes in two flavors and two versions. First is the sugar free and sugar packed versions , then the original and cherry coke flavors. My favorite energy drink to date is the “Monster Zero Ultra Sunrise” because it tastes like a slightly carbonated orange juice, which is perfect for a early morning. Both need to be chilled before drinking to enjoy,. I can’t stand the taste of a warm coke because it tasted so dry, and makes me so much more thirsty. The “Ultra Sunrise” would be like hot orange juice, which should be enough for you to be disgusted. The downside when comparing the Ultra Sunrise to the Coke Energy is the sodium, and even though the Monster is only 180mg, the Coke Energy is 40mg with no sugar alcohols like erythritol. I stopped drinking sodas a while ago , and the Coke Energy allows me to enjoy coke again without the sins that led me to stop drinking sodas in the first place.

Coke Energy is hard to find, so don’t get discouraged if you cant find a cold one at your local gas station. The only consistent place I’ve been able to find them, is in a grocery store at a Luke warm temp. I wont say searching your town for them is worth it , but if you like the taste grab a few from the grocery store and store them in your fridge. I would definitely give it a try , it gave me a good boost of energy , tasted like a slightly flattened coke, and fits in the zero calorie/zero sugar category. Enjoy!

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