Recipe Tuesday: Simple, Lemon Pepper Chicken Capellini!

Quick dinner for two!

The only ingredients needed for this dish

I love almost anything that has a lemon flavor, when executed properly, especially in my desserts. Some of my favorite savory dished with lemon seasonings or ingredients are, lemon pepper chicken , or my favorite leg of lamb with a lemon pepper seasoning. I also have a love a pasta (who doesn’t right?) and cappellini pasta is the perfect thickness and integrity. I really cannott stand angel hair pasta, it’s way to thin and feels like it breaks down to easily. I love spaghetti for some dishes it can be very heavy. The light flavoring of lemon and pepper that we will be using aren’t enough to fully flavor a spaghetti noodle. A large chicken breast should be enough for two people to share this dish, but if your feeling particularly hungry feel free to add another chicken breast.

This dish takes no time at all to make, and looks more impressive than the ingredients needed to make it. The first thing you need to do is boil a pot of water for the capellini until it becomes tender. The capellini wont take long to cook, but have the water ready, trust me it will keep your momentum going. Also we will be transferring pasta form the pot into a pan later which will add tot he cooking process. Zest two lemons (zesting refers to scraping the outer colored portion of fruit or veggie) and be careful only to get the outer colored areas, as the white interior is very bitter. Use salt and fresh ground pepper ( fresh pepper grinders can be bought locally, and I prefer kosher salt) to coat both sides of your chicken. Season liberally or to taste if you are watching your sodium

First cook your chicken on the stove top. I used a cast iron skilled for my chicken , but you can use any non stick pan. Add chicken, olive oil, and butter to a medium-high pan and cook for about a minute and a half on each side. Told the pan forward and move the chicken to the edge to cook the sides of the chicken in the oils. Let chicken sit about 2 more minutes, then leave to rest, and finish cooking. *Tip: Make sure chicken has been out of the fridge for 15 minutes to prevent rawness on the inside.* While the chicken is resting place your pasta in the boiling water with a splash of olive oil and salt. Twist the pot once or twice on the stovetop to prevent sticking

In a non stick skillet place your butter and olive oil. *tip: the olive oil prevents the butter form burning.* When the butter starts to brown slightly, add your lemon zest and freshly ground pepper to taste. As your sauce starts to bubble, use tongs to transfer you capellini from the boiling water to the pan(its okay if you get a little water in the pan). Shake the pan, or use your tongs to mix together your butter lemon sauce and pasta noodles, giving it a good flip if you have the ability to and add salt. When pasta has turned slightly brown, and fully cooked, transfer pasta from pan to plate so you can now cut your chicken and plate your pasta.

Now that your chicken is cooled, make a diagonal cut in the top center of the breast. Check for doneness and temperature of your liking. Cut the chicken in to four or five slices as you prepare to plate your dish. Use a fork to transfer pasta to plate, you can also use a long carving fork to twist pasta into a log for better presentation. Once you have plated your pasta , place your sliced chicken, together on top of the pasta. Press lightly to separate the chicken slices form one another , and top dish with lemon and pepper.


10 min Prep : 15 min Cook time

  • .5lb Chicken Breast
  • Zest of two lemons
  • Olive Oil
  • 5 Tbs Butter
  • 1 Package Capellini
  • Salt & Fresh Pepper
  • 2 garlic cloves


  • Fill a pot with cold water and bring to a soft boil
  • Season chicken with salt and fresh ground pepper on both sides
  • zest two lemons into a small bowl
  • Heat cast-iron skillet to medium high heat
  • Place olive oil, and 2 tablespoons of butter in skillet with chicken
  • Once cooked through set aside to rest
  • Place pasta in boiling water.
  • While pasta is boiling , add olive oil, garlic clove ( lightly smashed) butter, salt and lemon zest to a medium heat skillet
  • Mix until butter turns lightly brown , transfer past with tongs to skillet, do not strain.
  • Cook until butter sauce is mixed evenly with pasta then transfer to plate
  • Slice chicken breast
  • Transfer pasta to plate, add sliced chicken, and top with lemons zest and roasting juices form chicken.


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