How to cook the perfect Steak.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a great steak. Steak is an American favorite, from the impressive NY strip, the elegant filet mignon, and the ever impressive ribeye. There are so many different ways to cook a steak, but there is a simple and elegant way to cook a steak for the kitchen novice. The perfect way to cook a steak only has five ingredients that will have your friends and family thinking you are a professional chef. You don’t have to go to a butcher shop to get your steak, your local grocery store should have a decent selection of moderate and reasonably priced red meats.

My favorite cut of steak to cook with has always been the ribeye. The marbling (white fat lines in the steak) not only add great flavor to the steak, but make it a fairly forgiving steak when it comes to cooking. My favorite way to cook a ribeye is in a cast iron skillet, because the cast iron distributes heat evenly and holds flavor in the pan incredibly well. Always make sure you condition your cast iron skillet before you use it unless you buy a pre seasoned skillet. Check out one of my favorite cast iron skillets.

The fun part about cooking steaks this way is all of the ingredients go in without any cutting or serious measuring. Steps to cooking this steak are as simple as seasoning, adding oil to the pan (I like olive or grape seed oil) ,getting a great sear, add ing thyme garlic (with the skin) and butter, cook , then let rest for three minutes. It’s truly that simple, and the aromas that fill your kitchen will be an incredible smell. The oil is important because it keeps the garlic and the butter from burning under the heat of the skillet. When you let your steak rest, sit it on top of the thyme, spoon the cooking juices onto the resting steak, and use tongs to rub the garlic on the steak. One of the biggest mistakes I see new chefs or home-cooks make is forgetting to sear the fat on the side of the ribeye or NY strip, otherwise you are left with a tough inedible fatty membrane. Don’t be afraid to take your tongs, sit the steak on fat side down and sear off that fat.

Its very important to hold back at this moment and not cut the steak. During the resting period the steak is reabsorbing those wonderful juices, but if you cut it too early , all the juices will run out leaving you with a less juicy steak. Although you wont be serving the steak with the thyme and garlic on the plate, its important to let them rest with the steak so the flavors start to come together. With a small spoon, coat the steak with the butter juices from the pan that have been mixed with the garlic and the thyme. The resting period also allows the steak to come up to the desired temperature like medium-rare.

If you feel like sharing, or plan on using your steak in tacos, I recommend slicing your steak at a slight angle after it has been rested. As the person who cooked the meal, always taste that first cut and admire the work you put in to cook that steak. Then slowly slice your steak and notice ( like the picture above) how much less steak juice ends up on your cutting board because you allowed the steak to rest a bit. Cook a steak this way for family or friends and let them praise you for how sophisticated your cooking has become with a very simple list a ingredients and steps. Every cook builds upon their own cooking style based off of a solid foundation. I hope this helps you along your cooking journey and adds another bullet to your culinary ammo bag.

The Perfect Steak

  • Olive Oil
  • Thyme
  • Butter 4 Tbs
  • Garlic Clove 2 (lightly smashed)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Steak ( Ribeye)

Seasoning the Steak on the front and back with a little bit of salt and pepper ► Heat up the Skillet (I am using a cast iron skillet), but any nonstick skillet will do. Add olive oil ► Lay the steak in the pan and make sure you hear the sizzle of fat.► Flip steak after about 1 min and add butter in the pan ► Add whole garlic into the pan. You can add the garlic lightly crushed with the shell on. ► Add thyme into the pan ( you should hear popping) ► Add a little more butter and Olive Oil in the pan to stop butter and garlic from burning ► Render the Fat on the steak by cooking steak fat side down► Flip steak to ensure good sear every 45 sec. until the steak feels like your palm below your thumb. Rub the roasted garlic on the steak ► Take the steak out of the pan and move to a plate or cutting board. Make a bed out of the thyme from the pan and the garlic and put the steak on top ► Take the remaining garlic and oil out of the pan and put them on the steak for extra flavor ► Let the steak rest for 4 minutes then start cutting.

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