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“Eat” Virginia Beach, Virginia

Specials menu at “Eat“

Try telling someone that you are goin to book a reservation at this restaurant. The conversation will turn into a good three minutes of context and explanation. When I let my friends know we were going to “Eat” for dinner, they kept asking me “what’s the name of the restaurant. I would reply “ We are going to Eat”, and this would eventually lead me to carefully explaining the restaurant’s name was EAT. An American bistro with the most tender octopus appetizer I have ever tried. Delicious rockfish , and wonderful goat cheese whipped mashed potatoes. When you visit you certainly will eat..

Normally I’m a sucker for oysters on the half shell, but something told me to go for the octopus and the mozzarella meatball cooked in house-made marinara sauce. Crispy and seasoned with Italian seasoning on the outside, meaty and cheesy on the inside, with hints of parsley and a parmesan crisp. The tomatoe sauce is absolutely the star of this dish. Sweet and tangy, I just wanted to drown my meatballs in the sauce at each bite. The most scary thing about octopus, will it be cooked correctly to prevent the octopus from being tough and chewy. Tender, seasoned perfectly , and served with a sweet balsamic like glaze, this had too be the best octopus I have every tasted. I asked the waitress what the secret was to making the octopus this tender, and she told be they boiled the octopus on low “forever” in a seasoned broth. The octopus separated with a fork, and was by far the most tender octopus I have ever had, I can’t say that enough.

I chose the special for dinner, local rockfish , aged cheddar, “po cake”, tomatoes jam, and a apple cider reduction. The “Po cake” was a polenta cake cooked crispy with a grits like center and aged cheddar melted in. The rockfish was cooked perfect but the cake was the star of this plate, almost like the rockfish was the compliment to the polenta. The reduction on the outside added a cool bit of acidity , and the tomato jam tasted more like a fruity jam, with the tartness of the tomato cooked out. The filet cooked medium rare, served with green beans, and goat cheese mashed potatoes were a fun twist on a classic. The goat cheese in the mashed potatoes was strong, but in a good way, a way that you could taste a hearty worth of cheese that did not overpower. I wish they would have chosen a different vegetable other than green beans, or at least cooked them in a more creative way.

Overall I enjoyed my time at Eat, and would go back multiple times foe a good night out. A local restaurant , weekly specials , and great American cuisine that make this a must go for locals and tourists. If not for some very minor flaws I would give Eat 5 stars, but this restaurant is as close to perfect than any other four star reviewed.

Eat Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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