Food Fact Fridays: 5 Types of Pasta

What would we do in a world without pasta. Pasta has so many different variations, cultures and styles that its hard to keep up with them all. Each week we will do a quick look at different pastas and what pastas pair best with them. If you have not tried a pasta listed during this limited series, I think you should give them a try. Check back here on Fridays each week at lunch for new types of pasta each week!

Angel Hair

Angel Hair Pasta

Ange Hair pasta is the perfect sauce for light butter and olive oil based sauces. The thinnest pasta available , angel hair does not do well in meaty or thick sauces as the noodles will get lost or clump together. Angel hair pasta will often be confused with Capellini pasta, but angel hair is slightly thinner at between .78 and .88 mm vs the .85 to .92 range for capellini.

Pairs Best : Light Butter and Olive Oil Based Sauces


Fettuccine or what I like to call the mopping pasta is a wide flat noodle traditionally used in hearty and creamier sauces. These type of noodles do well at collecting and retaining sauce on its surface at each bite. Fettuccine is often infused with vegetables like spinach , or dried tomatoes which is one of the many reasons this pasta is so popular.

Pairs Best: Heavy Cream & Hearty Meat Sauces


Gnocchi are little Italian dumplings of heaven. Gnocchi is my favorite pasta not only because its so versatile, but because the taste and texture fit together so well. You can fry gnocchi , boil it, sauté it, or bake it , with generally a light sauce. Gnocchi is normally served with pomodoro sauce, automated based sauced spice with herbs and served with fresh mozzarella. If you have more of a sweet tooth, you can lightly fry your gnocchi with a sweet brown butter sauce that turns these little pasta pillows into a food lovers dream.

Pairs Best : Tomato based sauces spiced with herbs like sage and thyme


Everyone should recognize this pasta from their childhood. Ravioli is basically two small sheets of pasta together with a filling on the inside. Making ravioli is no small feat either. Fill the ravioli with to much filling and they will burst, don’t seal them properly and water will ruin your filling. Sky is the limit when it comes to the filing, egg, beef, poultry , seafood, veggies, even mashed potatoes can be used as a filling for ravioli. Ravioli is fairly universal when it comes to selecting a sauce so go wild, just be sure the sauce pairs well with your ravioli filling!

Pairs Best : Marinara Sauce & Pesto

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