I tried Coca-Cola Coffee..Coke with a hint of coffee.

Do you want some coffee with your coke?

  • Coca-Cola Coffee first launched overseas but was released in the U.S. in late January of 2021
  • Coke Coffee comes in two flavors, vanilla, caramel and dark roast.
  • They are available in a sugar free 0 calorie can , and a 70 Calorie 18g sugar standard version
  • 68mg of caffeine per can

Coke has been on the prowl for a solid energy drink that will hook die hard Coca-Cola fans. Last year during the Super Bowl they launched Coke Energy to compete with current energy drink powerhouses. Coca-Cola coffee probably wont be your go to coffee fix anytime soon, because maybe unsurprisingly it taste just like coke. When I say just like coke, I mean almost identical to a standard Vanilla Coke bottle.

Honestly I think what most disappointed me about Coca-Cola Coffee is that it really has so little coffee flavor its almost not worth mentioning. I was excited to see how Coke makes a cool coffee flavor blended with some cola flair , but it just seems they took some coke and added a hint of coffee flavor. Maybe I would have enjoyed this more if it was marketed as a standard soda with a coffee twist, but the new can, bold coffee marketing and coffee designed flavors set up what is ultimately a disappointing lie. Also compared to coffee this version comes with only 69mg of caffeine which in todays world is a bit disappointing compared to the heart palpitation inducing 300mg that Reign, Bangs, and Monster can boast.

With all that said I wont say that I did not enjoy Coca-Cola coffee. The sugar content and calories maybe be a bit high for you health conscious readers, but luckily they offer a zero sugar zero calorie alternative. They both sate similar, but the zero sugar tastes more like a flat version of the original. Just be prepared that, this is truly a standard Vanilla Coke with a hint of coffee thrown in, instead of an actual coffee drink with some Coca-Cola fun thrown in. That’s not a bad thing, but for someone looking to enjoy a cold coffee beverage, this is not the drink for you.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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