Review: Grandma Bobs Pizza

“Grandma Bob’s” Detroit, Michigan

Half of my immediate family is located in the great city of Detroit, Michigan. I love Detroit sports, grit, brotherhood and of course food. Most people have never heard the term Detroit-style pizza before. Unlike a New York style pizza, Detroit pizza is Sicilian based pizza. I prefer this style, not just because of my Detroit roots, but the crunch exterior, with a soft interior is like the texture of a perfectly cooked waffle. The deep dish, squared, pizza with crispy edged is exactly the style of pizza Little Caesar’s is based , which is where their headquarters is located. On the outer edge of downtown Detroit is a small , local pizza operation called Grandma Bobs pizza. A pizza parlor you can get ice cream , boozy milkshakes, and the some of the best Detroit style pizza you can get your hands on.

I have to confess that until mid-2020 I had never had a drink of alcohol before. No it wasn’t because Covid was to much to take, I just wanted to prove a point that I could go without drinking until I was ready. My second confession, is I have never had a boozy milkshake before, and I was so intrigued by this that I had to try one. I tried to give everything the benefit of the doubt, but I just new this was going to be disgusting in some way. Either the consistency would be to watery due to the alcohol, or the taste would be a mix between ice cream and a alcohol that just didn’t pair. To top it all off, they were marketed as a vegan milkshake. I was fully prepared to throw away eleven dollars just to say that I tried it. I was wrong, by the time I got halfway through the cup, I was ready to order another one. These drinks were also vegan, but I didn’t ask how because I wanted the mystery. If you visit, its a must have to try out one of these boozy milkshakes!

Detroit style pizza is the best in the world, yes I said it. Yes I am biased, but that doesn’t mean i am wrong. I am over exaggerating a bit, italian style thin crust, especially in Italy is probably my most favorite style, but in the states, Detroit style reigns “supreme’. ( See what i did there?) The two incredible sheets of pizza you see above are a Hawaiian style pizza and a meat lovers pizza. Just as i described above, crunchy crisp texture on the outside and a warm soft interior, and the sauce on top not unlike a Chicago style pizza. The meat was also cooked perfectly with little bits of crunchy beef crumbs, bacon slices , cooked pineapple, and seasoned ham. If you don’t think pineapple goes on pizza, your wrong once again. Was there something to complain about? Not really, i liked everything that was put in front of me here, and Grandma Bobs will be where I go at least once every time I go back to Detroit.

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