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Stuft More Than Just A Name

Stuft is a Mexican street food inspired restaurant and bar located in Hampton, Virginia. With large portion sizes, sauces, and flavor packed food, you will definitely leave stuffed. The atmosphere in Stuft feels like a real fusion of restaurant and bar. In the center, a large wrap around bar with high top tables and standard seating and live music. Although they market themselves as a Mexican restaurant , one of the notable menu items happens to be a Korean inspired bulgogi egg roll. I see this as more of a general bar with some good finger foods that are full of sauce and flavor.

Above are the bulgogi egg rolls and the loaded bulgogi fries. The staple appetizers here are gluttony at its best really, the amount of meat, sauce, and toppings on both of these large appetizers is truly shocking. First, the egg rolls look small but are so rich I could only eat two (which equals one egg rolls ) any more and I would wouldn’t have been able to eat my main meal, or have been sick. The egg rolls were crispy which was pleasant, and the chopped green onions added some freshness that is desperately needed. Let me be clear, the food was a gluttonous treat when it comes to taste, but its just that. This like the fries are a shareable appetizer, but I would order a water with this to keep the palate fresh.

The fries are a meal by themselves, or a shareable appetizer. I mean just look at the photo above, a pound of fries, sauce, meats, and veggies pilled into a fry basket meant for a small army. I wouldn’t order fries and the egg rolls together again, it tasted a bit redundant together. The fries were only missing the crispiness of the outer shell on the egg roll. You can tell from the photos , the fries and the egg rolls look almost identical, and the taste was no different. Word of advice, if your with a group , just get the fries, but if your by yourself or part of a couple go for the egg rolls.

The tacos tasted like tacos, nothing special or maybe I had just been so tainted by the appetizers, but everything else just seemed so bland. Fish, beef, and chicken topped Mexican street style with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and cilantro. Toasted tortillas bring everything together and work without breaking under the weight of the toppings and sauce. The fish was cooked well, light, and not over don’t, the beef taco tasted bland, as if they had not seasoning the beef, and the chicken taco seared and seasoned nicely.

Overall Stuft is nothing to write home about, but if your in for a good drink and hangover food to go with it, this is the place for you. It’s reasonably priced for the amount of food you get, its fairly tasty especially if enjoying it with a cold beer or nice cocktail. Give Stuft a try and see for yourself if your ever in the Hampton area.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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