Food Fact Friday: Disney Addition!

Well done Mickey

The first time I went to Disney World , it was a truly magical experience. I don’t mean to be corny , but thats the best description I could use for such and amazing place. How could everything be so great, and all the food taste so good without some type of magic being involved? Anyway , I have been thinking about planning a trip too Disney for some time now and thought, why not lay out some Disney food facts for you all! Here it goes..

Turkey Legs

Lets start with one of the reasons we go to a Disney parks in the first place(besides the parks), the turkey legs. Disney sells about 2.5 million of these 1.5 pound legs of deliciousness every year. Although Disney no longer sells turkey legs at the famous Animal Kingdom park , sales of these staple Disney treat are going strong!

Sleeping Giant

Walt Disney obviously is known for their food and their excellent restaurants throughout the parks. Could you imagine if Disney decided to take their food show on the road and make the entire network a chain? If Disney wanted to compete , they would immediately become the 42nd largest chain in the world when it comes to food. Wow?

Pepsi Who?

If you love Coca-Cola as much as I do, then you have even more reason to visit Disney. One thing you won’t be able to buy or find at a Disney park, is Pepsi or any soft drink besides Coke products. Disney and Coca-Cola have an exclusive deal to only serve Coke products, but thats not all. In some parks you will find Disney & Coke collaborative merchandise, collectable cola bottles, cans, and apparel! I would imagine that you won’t find a tastier cola outside of the Coca-Cola factory.

Brain Freeze Mickey

Probably even more sought after than the famous Disney turkey leg, is the incredibly delicious Mickey Ice Cream Bars. Im not really sure what makes these simple vanilla ice cream bars dipped in chocolate so delicious. Remember that magic I was talking about earlier? Disney shells out about 5 million of these frozen treats each year, and thats just at the park!

Disney is very green!

What to make your vegetables and eat them also. Disney’s “The Land” pavilion is located in Epcot and is dedicated to deepening your connection with the earth. Each year Disney grows over 40 tons of veggies that it serves in the restaurants across the park! If your looking to deepen your connect with Mother Earth, and take park in some agricultural knowledge, id suggest paying them a visit!


Disney has so many cool food facts that it’s impossible to cover them all in one food article. Keep this in mind, Disney has more than 7,000 menu items combined across the park. I mean, even the pickiest eaters have to be able to find something they like within the Disney confines. There truly is something for everyone and with the amazing service added on to the culinary cabaret , I am a firm believer that there is a magical core under those incredible parks!

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