The Original Pancake House

No bark all bite!

Pancake houses are everywhere. Whenever I travel I can always count on finding a breakfast restaurant that either has the best waffles or the best pancakes. Personally one of my favorite pancakes came from a diner called the Silver Diner located in Virginia. The pancakes soaked up syrup like a sponge were imperfectly circle and just the right thickness. So to call yourselves the “Original” pancake house, you better have something special.

I haven’t had silver dollar pancakes in forever, but I haven’t had a great corned beef hash for even longer. Typically, the corned beef has I normally get comes from a lazy restaurant that buys the has in a can or pre-made which leaves the hash very salty and mushy. What is my ideal corned beef hash you ask? A crispy seared exterior, seasoned fresh-cut potatoes, cooked onions, and salted meaty interior of corned beef. That is what I got from OPH, I wouldn’t say it was the best-corned beef hash I have had, but it’s definitely on the top of my list.

Now the eggs were a bit different, I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to eggs, I don’t like my eggs well done but they shouldn’t be watery. I creamy cheesy egg, with volume and seasoning, makes for a perfect egg. Ironically I don’t think I’ve been to a breakfast joint that has served me a decent side of eggs. If you want to know what I mean check out our Perfect Scrambled Egg here!

Let’s talk pancakes. Original Pancake House has a good variety of pancakes to choose from like strawberry, chocolate chip, banana, banana nut, etc. I don’t get the luxury of seeing silver dollar pancakes on my local menus, so I was pretty excited to get them here. I know, silver dollar pancakes are just like regular pancakes only smaller, but something about them makes me smile. The real test for a breakfast dive like this is done they serve you with hot syrup or not. If they don’t give you hot syrup without you asking, they are not a real breakfast joint!

The pancakes here have a different but welcome taste that hits you on the back of the palette. At first, I was thinking it was a weird beer-like wheat taste, then I started to realize its more of a strong maple or molasses taste mixed into the batter. It was a shock at first but after a couple of bites, I started to enjoy the unique taste. That with a glug of liquid gold syrup and some melted butter takes you to breakfast heaven.

The Original Pancake House is an old-school breakfast restaurant before the gimmicks and the glamour of modern restaurants. Nothing fancy on the inside, nothing crazy on the menu, just pure breakfast food with some dinner options for good measure. When it comes to the egg, nobody does can seem to cook them well (no pun intended) but the eggs here weren’t the worst I’ve had. Fresh squeezed orange juice, cast iron skillets, and a southern home-style feel make this a fun choice for breakfast. If you are in the Charlotte, NC area and want a good place to enjoy some pancakes or maybe even a waffle, this is the place to do it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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  1. I will not eat there any time soon. First, if you prefer hash browns over their home potatoes (nasty) you get to experience an “upcharge” of $1.00. Next they make the waitstaff share tips with the kitchen staff, which is complete BS, so they don’t need to pay the staff. This is why $15.00 p/h needs to be the minimum wage. I won’t be back there any time soon.

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