Fast Food in the Car: KFC Chicken Sandwich

Welcome to the first Fast Food in the Car where we talk about the latest and greatest fast food items you can enjoy from the car. From an impossible whopper, to the infamous spicy chicken sandwich, well let you know what’s good, what’s great and what to not waste those empty calories on. First up to the table is the new Spicy Chicken sandwich from KFC!

I have never really subscribed to the hype that is the spicy chicken sandwich wars. I will admit that the Popeyes chicken sandwich is pretty good (lookout for that review later), but the turmoil and violence over a fast food chain sandwich was just mad to me. So when trying the KFC , I didn’t expect much, because I also hadn’t seen anything special come from the Colonel in a while. I half expected a thin, cafeteria chicken patty with some spice, chipotle mayo, a potato bun, basically knocking off Popeyes. I’d say I would be eating crow right now but I’ll enjoy this chicken sandwich instead.

First off lets me say that the chicken breast you get for this sandwich is massive, or at least the price I received. Seventy percent of this sandwich is the chicken, which is really nice actually. Looking at the photos you might think that the bun cant handle that large bird, but it held up pretty nicely. The only issue is the bun slid so much because they pile a heaping amount of may onto this thing , I mean it was a lot. Imagine how much cream cheese Wawa gives you when you order a bagel with “standard” amount of cream cheese, yeah that a lot.

Allow me to be a bit picky with the packaging for a minute. A lot of these chains are placing their chicken sandwiches and all in a aluminum and paper back, rolling the top and handing it over. My issue here is that the heat from the sandwich often causes moisture to build up and make the bread not super soggy, but more soggy than if it were in something that allowed heat to escape so I got a dry bun. I know I am nit picking here but , it is kind of annoying to get that dewy feel on my bun when I take it out of the package.

The deck is stacked like this, standard bun, spoonful of mayo, chicken breast, three pickles, another spoonful of mayo, then bun. The bun is nothing special, standard white bread bun you might find on a beef burger, but I was disappointed I didn’t get a potato bun. The chicken breast on the inside like I said was huge, and tasted great like an original box of chicken. If I could criticize (which I can because this is what we do) my chicken was not as crispy as I would have hoped for. This could be due to the problem we talked about above, but I think this is the standard level of crispy. I feel if we want the perfect chicken sandwich ( or chicken burger) they should be that extra crispy texture. The pickles add a nice crunch (that the chicken did not) and I believe should be standard on any chicken burger.

Honestly you could do worse when it comes to chicken burgers (“burgers” aren’t exclusive to beef). KFC chicken sandwich is delicious and comes in a standard and spicy version. The flavor is there, all 11 spices of the Colonels blend are there, and the pickles are thick and tasty. The only place this sandwich falls short is the crispiness of the chicken, and the somewhat insane amount of mayo they give you to slathered over the bun. Should you give it a try? Definitely, should you expect it to be better than a Popeyes chicken sandwich, I will leave that for you to decide.

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