Food Facts Friday: Buffalo Chicken Wings!

Flat Or Drum.. That is the question!

Chicken wings are consumed around the world, and the battle over if the flats or the drums are better can lay a city to ashes. Birthday parties, gaming events, paired with pizza, or to grind it all up and use them as dip, buffalo chicken has become a way of life for everyone, especially Americans. It’s estimated that Americans consume about 250 chicken wings a year , and thats just if you kind of like them, not if you crave them hourly like we do! Below we thought we would lay out some buffalo chicken facts for your reading pleasure!

A fantastic mistake

Little known fact is that buffalo wings were created by mistake. Chicken wings were considered the undesirable scraps left to the poor when the chicken was cut up. Locate in Buffalo Teressa Bellissimo owned a restaurant and ordered chicken wings by mistake instead of chicken necks. Determined to make use of the error, she sliced the wings in half ( the flat and the drum) deep fried them, and poof, the buffalo chicken wing was born. It was even originally served with blue cheese (the only option) and celery sticks!

The Super Bowl is Wing Day!

Americans are crazy about wings in general, but when it comes to the Super Bowl , wings are the main event and halftime show. It’s estimated that Americans consume about 1.3 billion chicken wings on the big day alone. That’s more than any other country by far!

Ranch or Bleu Cheese Dressing

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Bleu cheese should be the only dressing that is allowed to be used with buffalo wings. One of the big debates when eating wings, is what to eat them with , ranch or bleu cheese. It seems that most chicken wing eaters prefer ranch dressing to the much more tasteful and paired alternative bleu cheese

No Money No Problems


Like we talked about above, originally chicken wings were considered a poor mans food. After the chickens were cut up for the breast, thighs and legs , the wings were discarded as an unappetizing leftover sold for pennies to the less fortunate. Today chicken wings have risen to the most valuable spot on the chicken parts, becoming even more consumed and desired than the chicken breast!

That’s A lot of Wings!

Around the country there are eating festivals, and what are food competitions without chicken wings. Can you guess what the world record for eating chicken wings is? Go on, ill give you a minute…The world record currently is held by by Patrick Bertoletti who ate 444 wings in under 30 minutes. I cannot even fathom that.

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