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Be ready for a ride because this restaurant really caught me by surprise. We all have those “best I’ve ever had” places like, the best Chinese I have had came from Peter Chang VB, the best water I’ve tasted is from Essentia water, etc.. I have never had so many of these moments in one location before. Parc looks great, has an open atmosphere, looks elegant, and is placed in the heart of downtown Detroit, but I couldn’t have been prepared for the incredibly delicious food that Parc would cook up. This restaurant alone is one of the many examples igniting Detroits reinvigorated food scene!


Where to begin with appetizers. The Wood Grilled Ribs, these were the best short ribs I have ever had, and I have tasted quite a few short ribs. Wise pitmaster once said, ribs are perfectly tender when you can talk trash while waving them, and they stay on the bone, until you take a bite and they melt off the bone. These ribs were dry rubbed , but drizzled with a honey Chile glaze , and topped with an apple and cabbage slaw. Sweet, sour, tender and crispy, I mean its the perfect gourmet rib!

The Chile Honey wings took what I thought about gourmet wings to an entirely different level. Juicy, slightly crispy, tender and coated with the perfect amount of sweet and spicy, lemon sauce and topped with sesame seeds served with a yogurt house ranch dipping sauce. Dip a flat into the sauce and proceed on your stairwell to culinary heaven. I promise 15 wings when your stuffed wouldn’t be enough after you taste these.

Oysters and Duck Confit Knish, were the only non mind-blowing appetizers that i had for the night. They were still delicious and the Duck Confit Knish was very imaginative, but in comparison I still only dream of those wings and ribs! The oysters (like an oyster rockefeller ) were seasoned well, and breaded just the right amount but I still prefer my oysters raw. The Knish was a bit awkward to eat since the bottom crumbled from the knife, and its kind of a mess to eat unless you have a steady hand. That said, the duck was seasoned and marinated well and the oysters tasted fresh and was a great addition to the starters.


Let me just start with the incredible Branzino that was cooked to perfection. This without a doubt is my all time favorite fish meal I have ever tasted. Sea bass, salmon, and fatty tuna are my favorite fish, but a branzino prepared this way currently, is my favorite seafood meal. Crispy skin, tender fresh tasting fish with a hint of citrus and garlic that soaked into the escarole laying underneath. Bravo!

The Bone-In New York Wagyu could have been great, but honestly it was just good. I love a bit of butter on my steak but sauce, it would have to be magical. The sauce they drizzled over my steak was okay but honestly i could have done tight out it. The mash potatoes were creamy but missing a bit of salt, but the cooked veggies were seasoned well and cooked perfectly.

The New York Strip Steak & Bolognese , was not equally impressive as the branzino but still a force to be considered when ordering. If your not in the mood for seafood, or don’t have the appetite for a 24oz ribeye, this would be the direction I point you. Cooked to medium-rare with a simple taste of salt, pepper and possibly thyme or rosemary, served with a cheesy bolognese. The pasta was great but what elevated the flavor to the next level were the extra drops of ricotta and parm on top.


The chocolate cake was really, a chocolate cake. Moist cake, silky smooth and sweet chocolate icing, served with ice cream and white chocolate. The overall cake would be perfect for any chocolate lover, and I would recommend it, but the next dessert I had, made this cake taste like a store bought cake.

I told myself I would try and describe how amazing the Tres Leches cake was, but the amount of deliciousness surrounding this dessert would take more words than you would be able to read. I am a tres leche snob, and its by far my favorite dessert on the planet. Cream, milk, and condensed milk soaked cake, with cookie butter layered in between with vanilla ice cream, melted cookie butter, and white chocolate stick with crumbles. Wow, i struggled to share this, and it truly took all of my will to not order another one.

Parc is a culinary delight that anyone who visits Michigan should give a try. The ambiance in the winder is warm and low light, but bring on the summer and the entire atmosphere changes with the season. The windows open up, beach chairs are set up in the inner-city beach box by the fountain, and you are able to get served table side. Parc gave me so many of my favorite meals that I cannot wait to go back and visit. Throw a dart at the menu and your guaranteed to have a fantastic meal, but whatever you do, order that tres leches cake!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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