Fast Food in the Car: Burger King Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Not the King of Chicken Burgers

Presentation is obviously the focus

The chicken wars continue this week with Burger Kings Crispy Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I’m just going to start off with a spoiler alert, and let you know I did not like this chicken burger (chicken sandwich). The picture above accurately explains how this burger tastes, dull, bland, and with no real wow factor. I deconstruct this thing for you, and let you know where to get one of these (not worth using the calorie) sandwiches.

I don’t have to much to really say about this burger , because its about as deep as a three inch pool. I don’t mind Burger King, most of the time the sandwiches are fairly good for a fast food chain. I mean don’t get me started on the nostalgic french toast sticks and warm syrup I would devour as a kid, but c’mon, look at this thing. The driest bread, the thinnest chicken slab, huge chunks of lettuce, and one lonely slice of tomato. If this did not remind me more of a frozen chicken patty from the freezer section at Kroger, I don’t know what could.

Let’s talk about the name briefly. Crispy chicken sandwich might be well named because it is a crispy sandwich, but the sandwich is only about 2 inches thick. It’s all bread and a thin layer of chicken in the middle that had absolutely no flavor. It’s weird because you can see the pepper inside the breading, but don’t be fooled, it has no flavor. What you can taste its the mayo, disproportionate chunky and thin lettuce, and a bun so dry someone might think its stale. So to be honest I didn’t finish the whole thing because I couldn’t bring myself to eat anymore of it.

Save yourselves the hassle and head over to KFC or Popeyes for a decent chicken sandwich. If tasteless, thin, overcooked chicken is your thing tho, you can get this new Burger King Chicken sandwich in bulk at your local grocery store in the freezer isle and bread section. The only difference is , you might discard the bitter white core to keep some flavor in your meal. You disappoint me Burger King.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

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