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That Farm to Table Life

I remember when I first visited Commune many years ago. To me it was a cool little brunch spot with clean farm to table eats, some cool drinks, and sweet treats like the cornmeal cookie with jalapeño icing. This week I wont just tell you how fun and delicious the food is hear, but how cool the ambiance is, how fun the people who work there are, and why I keep coming back week over week. Ill also take a look at a couple of my favorite items from the menu over the years and some recommendations on things to try the next time go.

One of my favorite things to do when I go to this amazing brunch spot is mix and match ingredients. To this day I will argue that Commune has some of the best beef burgers in Hampton Roads! During the summer you might find them selling the burnt honey pork belly slices in recipes. So what I decided to do, was get my favorite NC grass fed beef burger, with a couple slices of that incredible pork belly. Perfection..

“To this day I will argue that Commune has some of the best beef burgers in Hampton Roads!”

There is something on the menu for everyone here , all day at anytime. I’m guilty of visiting Commune in the early mornings and grabbing a burger for breakfast. If your not a burger person, the bowls are fun combinations of popular breakfast and brunch items. Take the brisket bowl, a delicious combo of ingredients you don’t expect to compliment each other, but does! Brisket, smoked peanut salsa , Carolina rice, butternut squash purée, cabbage and pickles that keeps your tastebuds on a rollercoaster of flavors!

“Brisket, Smoked Peanut Salsa, Carolina Rice, Butternut Purée, Cabbage, and Pickles keeps your tastebuds on a rollercoaster of flavors!”

The dishes above are some of my favorites, but Commune does have a great selection of breakfast dishes. The grits served here are some of my favorites, the sausage patties are formed and cooked in house, and the cornmeal waffles are to die for! I really would consider them as a last meal if given the choice. So I knew when I ordered the chicken and waffles, I was in for something special. Perfectly fried chicken with a sweet warm syrup over the already famous cornmeal waffles, and a sunny side up egg. The cornmeal for me adds a nice texture to the waffles and helps keep the sweetness in check. Add a side of grits to this, and it will make the perfect meal.

The staff is always friendly and always willing to give recommendations especially if its your first time visiting. Take my first time venturing into a realm of creative desserts that I never thought I would try. My favorite dessert popcorn ice-cream with parsley cakeis something that I would get every Sunday morning before starting my day! I know the combination shouldn’t work together, but it works so well its maddening! The ice-cream was sweet with a hint of butter and that corn taste you’d get from popcorn, and the parsley cake that adds freshness but truly tastes best when coated in a spoonful of ice cream. This is an example of the cool quirky combos you might find in season at Commune.

“My favorite dessert, Popcorn Ice-cream with parsley cake is something that I would get every Sunday before I start my day!”

Popcorn Ice-Cream with Parsley Cake

Did I also mention the cornmeal cookie with spicy jalapeño icing? The springboard that got me hooked on Commune, and the first pastry I tasted from them that lured me in like a fish. It may look like a regular coking with icing on top, but its a deceptively unique flavor of cornmeal, sweet, and spicy.

With a full list of local farmers and suppliers, Commune boasts 90% of their ingredients come from local suppliers all listed on their menu with a goal at 100% locally grown and produced ingredients. If you follow their instagram you can tell they have remained committed to that goal over the years , find creative ways to source ingredients

There so many cool & fun things to say about Commune and why I enjoy visiting whenever I can.. From the cooking classes they provide to kids, to the vegetables grown in the backyard, the friendly staff, and the fun combinations of food they serve every season. Honestly, if I had to pick one thing I did not care for is that the Norfolk location (NFK) seems to randomly be closed without explanation at times. Although its small potatoes compared to the amazing times I have spent eating at either location. If your in the Hampton Roads area definitely take a trip over to Commune for some good service , chill atmosphere and good food!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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