Restaurant Review: Quirks

Deliciously Quirky

I visited Quirks by chance, because it is located in a location where my favorite low-light chill restaurant Sonoma Wine & Bar Bistro used to be. Although Quirks is owned by the same family, the restaurant looks completely different, and is just as the name suggest, quirky. The menu changed from high-end duck and steak entrees, to poke` bowls, pho-rittos, wings, and tacos. The inside is decorated with fun colors, hanging chairs, colorful booths and a social bar. Although Quirks began sharing half the resturant space with Sonoma, the success Quirks earned led the owners to close down Sonoma and give the entire space to Quirks.

Quirks is not some five star restaurant that invents new ways to eat food in order to charge a premium. What Quirks does do, is take favorite foods and simply make them with a bit of flair. I cant say that the wings or mussels I had from Quirks are the best I have ever had, but I can say they were delicious. The crispy cajun wings were juicy and full of flavor, although I do wish they were the same size. The wings on top were larger and had more meat than the wings on the bottom.

The mussels I had were so tasty I got halfway through it before I remembered to take a picture. Every mussle was open, full of flavor from the chorizo , broth, and fresco. These were more uniform in size but they were still a bit small for being so close to the beach. The sliced french bread that came with it did its job to soak up the broth.

I chose my choice of entree because I thought the ingredients descibed exactly what Quirks is about. A pho-ritto which is basically all the fixings of a pho-bowl wrapped in a burrito, with a side of pho broth, and chips. The buritto was wrapped tight, filled with noodles, jalapeno’s, veggies, and chicken. The only complaint I had about my burrito is, because they sliced it, the burrito starts to break down when you dip it in the broth. Due to how it is sliced, the broth soaks the entire buritto and the tortilla , it really starts to fall apart. Next time I will ask for the burrito to not be sliced , whicjh should help the rest of it hold up.

The chicken tacos were good, like the appetizers, they were not spectacular but you cant reakky go wrong with tacos. Chicken, corn, cheese, and a flour tortilla served with chips and salsa. Looking back I would have ordered tacos that were less common to see how quirky (see what I did there) the “Green Goodness or Bubba Gump” tasted like.

If your in the town center area of Virginia Beach, and want a fun place to just chill with a fun atmosphere and good food, this is the place to be. There arent enough places like Quirks in the “downtown” area of Virginia Beach, so its a welcome change to have Quirks here. Quirks may not be your favorite spot to visit during the summer with all the oceanfront resturaunts , but when your in the downtown city area, this is the chill spot. Located just beside “Bravos!” I would definetly give them a chance to show you how Quirky their menu can be!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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