Restaurant Review: Firebrew Bar & Grill

Last week after I received my second vaccine shot, it was time for lunch and thought I would take a trip to Firebrew. I visited Firebrew many years ago by accident, because it caught my eye in the small little shopping center located in the Redmill area of Virginia Beach, VA. Boasting a kitchen with no microwaves, fresh wood fire food, combined with good wine, Firebrew seemed like a hidden gem set up for success. Fast forward to 2021, and like most things this past year, Firebrew has definitely fallen from the high pedestal I had them on years prior.

We ordered bbq rib sliders and potato & cheddar pierogis to start. The first thing I noticed about these are how unappetizing they look on the plate. They look like someone threw up mayonnaise chunks on my plate and sprinkled oregano on top with parmesan . Although the presentation was lacking, what’s most important is the taste, and the taste was all wrong. They were so salty the that they were almost inedible on the outside, but somehow bland and tasteless on the the inside. The saltiness was also uneven, because the left side of my plate was terribly salty, and the right moderately salty.

The bbq sliders were okay, much better than the pierogis. Pulled bbq rib meat, crispy onions, and swiss cheese on a brioche bun. The rib meat was not tender, but the honey bbq sauce they tossed the meat in was tasty, I just wished the entire dish didn’t feel like something I could easily put together at home.

I’m a fan of a good burger, especially a good salmon or chicken burger, and who doesn’t love a good seared scallop. My “salmon” burger came with fries that were undercooked, very moist, and without seasoning. I was so disappointed about the taste of the fries because I love a good potato wedge but these were terrible. You can tell from the look of the photos they have no color which is something I would never let leave the kitchen.

The scallops were seared unevenly but not terribly, but like again under seasoned. I ordered the scallops as an a la carte side still expecting quality. The scallops themselves were nice, they just were not cooked properly. The scallops were the best thing I stated throughout the whole experience, and thats not saying much honestly.

When I looked at the salmon burger, the description detailed fresh salmon, dill, Dijon, and lemon juice blended into a patty. When I received my food, the burger looked processed, dry and to be honest, gross. The burger had a mountain of breadcrumbs in it, did not taste of fresh salmon, and was very dry. I actually did not eat any of this burger, I broke a piece off, looked inside and just couldn’t bring myself to eat it. I left the burger on the plate just as you see it, and just ate my scallops.

I will say that even after leaving the burger on the plate the waiter never asked about my satisfaction. He simply took the plate that hadn’t been touched and brought us the check. I’m not worried about the burger price, I ordered it so Ill pay for it, but you would expect someone to ask about satisfaction if no food has been touched on the plate.

Overall my entire experience at Firebrew was less than satisfactory to say the least. I remember the first time I went and it makes me sad that I had this experience years later. Maybe I just came in on the wrong day, or the lunch time experience is a vast difference from the dinner meals, but consistency is key to making good food great. I cant imagine Ill be back anytime soon, but when I do return I hope I have a better experience than this one.

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