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Mile-High Fine Dining

Located high above the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, Virginia, an Asian fusion restaurant with classy meals and unique handcrafted cocktails sits at the top of the new Marriott. The ambiance and design of the restaurant is classy and has a calm place to just sit outside and have a drink, or enjoy an intimate date night with a significant other. The outside garden area allows you to see a sky view of the oceanfront, and on cooler days has an outside heater that makes for a comfortable feel no matter the season.

One of my favorite things about Orion’s roof is how nice it is to look out the windows and see the view of the boardwalk while eating and drinking. Eating in front of the bar is the best seat in the house in my opinion because you get close to the cocktails, and have a great spot to take pictures. The building has a very linear feel because it’s not very wide but, it has much depth. If you are going to Orion’s roof for the first time, I would make a reservation and ask for a table by the bar.

“I love going to Orion’s roof and sitting in front for the bar for dinner, its the best place to eat and take pictures”


I had fun with the cocktail menu at Orion’s, many drinks I have never heard of, and some fun plays on classics. The Japanese old fashion would be great on a cool fall day, the champagne cocktail with a Japanese pear would be great for any toast, but I felt like the overall taste was slightly bland. The creamy eggnog cocktail was one of my favorite drinks of the night. A hint of tequila, creamy, and just the right amount of sweetness. I understand milky, or creamy cocktails may not be for everyone, but I urge you to give this a try. I normally do not cover cocktails or wine when reviewing restaurants, but when you do visit Orion’s, it would be a disservice to yourself to not give it a try.

Orion’s has a fun mix of Asian street food with an elegant twist and more “fine dining” starters on the menu. I loved the corn elote, a fun tasty way to serve corn, and the hamachi carpaccio was fantastic, I only wished there was more on the plate. The corn had a hint of spice, and the way it was cut made it easier to eat. The yellowtail tasted fresh and the yuzu soy sauce paired perfectly with it.

The most disappointing, happened to e the most expensive starter on the menu, the wagyu beef tataki. I felt like it tasted bland, and all I could taste was the accompaniments of chili sauce, soy sauce, and the quail egg. For twenty-three dollars I thought the Wagyu would blow my mind, but instead, I was ultimately underwhelmed.

“For twenty-three dollars I thought the Wagyu would blow my mind, but instead, I was ultimately underwhelmed”


I have to mention, it felt like dinner took forever to come. After all the appetizers and cocktails we enjoyed, hunger was starting to creep back because of the time between starters and receiving our meal. I ordered the duck breast served with Japanese potatoes, an orange miso glaze, and veggies. The picture doesn’t lie, the duck is small, and does not look like the star of the show at all. Although the duck was tasty, it missed that crispy outer skin and was less juicy than a duck breast should be. Most of the veggies were tasty but the Brussels sprouts were under seasoned and had a bit too much char on some. I can’t say I was happy with my meal choice, but I think it would have been a perfect dish with a little better execution.

We ordered many dishes, but I chose to talk about the duck breast and rack of lamb because I ate most of these two dishes. The rack of lamb tasted good, very well seasoned and I loved the bulgogi sauce they served it with. I ordered the lamb medium-rare, and I received a medium arguably medium-well slice of lamb. Also, the menu says “Rack of Lamb” and although I did not expect to receive a full rack of lamb, I at least assumed It would be more than two pieces small pieces of lamb, especially at a price point of thirty-two dollars.

Overall I enjoyed Orion’s, but I wish I enjoyed the food the most. A classy and welcoming atmosphere, fun tasty cocktails, and an amazing view are what will keep me coming back. Honestly, I do not think I will be back for dinner anytime soon, because the menu prices do not quite meet the execution for the entrees. The next time I want a social night out with some good small plates and crafty cocktails to lounge and sit on the balcony, this will be the first place I think of, but be listed towards the bottom for a dine-in experience.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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