My culinary experience in Hungary.

Welcom to Europe

Visiting Hungary for the first time was an amazing experience. The capital city of Budapest is where all the fancy hotels, millions of tourists, and high-end restaurants are. For my first four days, I stayed in the smaller city of Györ in the northwest part of the country. The largest buildings were the old town hall castles, street vendors selling Hungarian cuisine, one of the coolest McDonald’s I have ever seen, and small twenty-five-seat restaurants serving some wonderful European classics. Budapest adds a level of luxury with five-five star hotels, gorgeous churches, high-end food, and a lively night’s experience. Hungary truly is a beautiful place filled with food and culture.

For breakfast, I would wake up and go to a local cafe located close to my hotel in Györ. The first thing I noticed when ordering a medium coffee was how small the medium was. It truly shows how supersized American food is, but even with the small size, the coffee inside was fantastic. I would defiantly place it in my top ten coffees I ever had. My favorite item on the menu was the classic English breakfast (which is not normally on the menu in America). Sausage, beans, eggs cooked sunny side up, roasted tomatoes, bacon, and toasted white bread. All of it was delicious, but I noticed bacon is cooked and served very not crispy. Take a look at the pictures and you will see what I mean.

Lunch was always someplace new, and always someplace that looked local. I would love to tell you the names of all the restaurants I visited, but I don’t remember the names and I wouldn’t remember how to do the name justice. Goulash, chicken paprikash, savory gnocchi, and filet served with slices of thick bleu cheese made for some truly delicious lunch dates while exploring. Honestly, most of the food we ate for lunch was form walking by random hole in the wall restaurants with no idea what kind of food they served. I discovered a new love for gnocchi having tried many different kinds throughout Hungary.

For dinner, we would do our research and look for a nice restaurant with the food we hadn’t had for lunch. To our surprise, the hotel restaurant had a great selection of food like the ribeye served with gnocchi and a sweet beet sauce. Parmesean crusted lamb served with fried cheese and microgreens with a savory sauce. Some restaurants in Hungary do not like Americans, or people of color believing us to be African immigrants I believe. We were turned away from restaurants claiming they were full when you could tell they were at a maximum 25% capacity (pre-covid). We didn’t let that ruin our trip, we simply moved on to the next restaurant and enjoyed another incredible meal!

Let’s be honest, the best part about trying new foods from other countries isn’t just the food, but the desserts. I don’t believe there was a restaurant I visited that I did not try some type of dessert. Whether it was a classic creme brulee, a deconstructed tiramisu, or a creamy cannoli dessert, I think I had more sugar than ever before. My favorite dessert was the deconstructed tiramisu, and I was surprised because I do not like deconstructed foods, but this was so delicious I didn’t care. The cake was moist, with ladyfingers baked inside served with a graham cracker crumble, chocolate truffle, and chocolate chip moose. I almost started drooling remembering how incredible cleaning that plate was.

I enjoyed every minute of traveling to Europe, and plan to take more trips once Covid restrictions have loosened. Traveling to the less populated cities, and seeing local cuisine instead of the busy tourist attracting restaurants first was the bets move I could have made. We talk about food here but you should know there is so much history, and so many beautiful buildings and architecture in Hungary. If you get the option to visit Europe and want to enjoy somewhere less common for tourist, visit Györ I promise you wont be disappointed.

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