Ponchos Tacos Review

Daytona Beach

Not too far from the ocean in Daytona Beach, FL is a small twenty-five-seat taco dive serving some great-tasting Mexican food. While visiting Daytona I searched google for some of the better-rated restaurants that wouldn’t break the bank. I was not impressed by some of the first restaurants I visited, so this was my last dish effort to eat locally before I switched to the equally unimpressive but more familiar food chain restaurants. Ponchos Tacos saved the day and restored some faith in the culinary scene in Daytona, and although my meal was simple, it burst with flavor and left me smiling out the door.

I couldn’t visit Ponchos Tacos and not get the tacos! Unfortunately, that’s all I had time to try when I visited, but I would have liked to try the empanadas, tortas, and a tamale. Next time I will order a larger spread for a more in-depth review of the cooking. The staff working was just as delightful as the food. They are friendly, attentive, and always on the move grabbing food, helping customers, getting drinks, or cooking. It truly looked like a team effort to control the chaos that worked well.

I chose to go with the Mexican style tacos, because what other way is there to eat tacos? Cilantro, salsa verde, red onions, and pork belly combined inside two lightly seared flour tortillas. The taco tasted delicious, the seasoning was spot on, and the veggies were piled on just right. The only problem I had was with the pork belly itself. When I see pork belly in a taco I expect a crispy fat exterior with a juicy meaty interior. The pork belly in my taco was soggy and did not make for a great texture when biting. The salsa verde on top added to the soggy meat and just make biting into it unpleasant and chewy.

Even though I was unimpressed by the meat I chose for my tacos, I was able to taste the tacos my friends ordered and the meat was perfect. The chicken was perfect, seasoned well, and had more of a sear than my pork belly. The beef tasted just as good, so if I were to go back I would stay away from the pork belly tacos, but everything else seems to be much better.

Ponchos Tacos is now my go-to taco spot in Daytona. Friendly service, great food, and some fun ice cream flavors like Patron add to the fun of this restaurant. I can forgive the pork belly since I was able to taste the other tacos on the menu, and they were delicious. The next time I visit I will try a wider range of menu items like the tortas, but until then I will keep Ponchos Tacos on my mind the nice time I head to Florida. If you are in the area or plan to make a trip to Daytona anytime soon, we recommend stopping by and grabbing a beef Mexican street taco!

Ill leave this review by showing you and awesome “wet floor” sign from Ponchos Tacos!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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