How to clean your cast-iron skillet!

Cleaning a cast-iron skillet can seem scary to anyone who may have never owned one. Cast iron skillets cant be treated like other pans and dishes left to be forgotten in the dishwasher. You also shouldn’t be scrubbing your skillet with steel wool, and as strange as it may seem, we never clean them with soap. Cleaning is the easiest term to use, but honestly, we are more seasoning the skillet than cleaning it. Best of all, if you already have a cast-iron skillet that has lost its smooth sheen, you too can follow these steps to re-season and bring it back to life.

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Cleaning Your Cast-Iron Skillet


  • Cast Iron Skillet (Lodge Cast Iron Skillet)
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Kosher Salt/Sea Salt
  • Dry Cloth or Paper Towels
  • Sponge or Brush
  1. Seasoning your skillet works best right after cooking or while its still warm.
  2. Wash the skillet using hot water and a sponge to remove excess food particularly or grease.
  3. Scrub with Salt. If stubborn food is stuck to pan, mix a good amount of salt with your hot water and scrub until food is removed from the pan. The salt helps season and scrub food particles without scratching skillet.
  4. Use your clean dry towel to dry skillet. Be sure to leave no water in the pan to reduce chance of rusting pan.
  5. Oil your skillet with vegetable oil after dried. I prefer to use paper towels because it makes for an easier cleanup
  6. Store in a dry place (like a cold oven) until next use.

If you follow these easy steps regularly, your cast iron skillet will last you a lifetime, or may be even generations! Keep everything you need to clean in one place with Lodge Cast-Iron Care Kit!

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