Energy Drink Review: Mountain Dew Rise!

Not too long ago I made the bold claim that nothing would come close to the taste of Monster sugar-free energy drinks like Monster Zero Ultra Sunrise. Some of the zero ultra flavors leave a small aftertaste and could often have higher levels of sodium than I care for, but with only 10 calories per can, it’s a pretty solid choice for energy drinks. Other brands like Rockstar and even Mountain Dews other energy drink Kickstart either have a ton of sugar or just don’t have a tasty sugar-free alternative. Enter Mountain Dew Rise, a low-sugar tasteful energy drink offering 180mg of caffeine, 3g of sugar, and only 25 calories per can.


I have been seeing MTN Dew Rise cans in gas stations and grocery stores for some time. Being a brand loyalist, I couldn’t tear myself my way from my favorite Monster energy drinks. I tried Rise the first time because the store was sold out of my favorite drinks, so I went with the Orange flavor, hoping to get close to Sunrise. I did not like it better, and it put me off of Rise for about another two weeks. Obviously, for this review, I decided to try the other flavors hoping the others had more promise.

MTN Dew Rise comes in six flavors pomegranate, orange, berry, strawberry, peach mango, and tropical. Some of the highlights of the Rise energy drinks is the 5% juice, boasts more caffeine than the zero ultras without going so far to have a heart stopping 200+ caffeine inside. I found tropical sunrise, and berry blitz are my personal favorite flavors. Peach mango dawn is also a good flavor , but orange, strawberry and pomegranate are definitely my least favorite flavors!

Some of the highlights of the Rise energy drinks are the 5% juice, it boasts more caffeine than the zero ultras without going so far as to have a heart-stopping 200+ caffeine inside. Unlike most other energy drinks Rise comes with added vitamins like zinc, A, C, and antioxidants. I would imagine if not for the 5% juice that Rise has, this would be a sugar-free drink.

I like Rise depending on what I’m in the mood for and how tired I am in the morning. Sometimes I just cannot resist the taste of a Monster zero ultra sunrise, but sometimes I want a little more caffeine with a tropical punch flavor. If you haven’t tried the ultra sunrise yet it’s worth a taste, even if it’s something you get to change of flavors every once in a while. Mountain Dew Rise is not my favorite energy drink at the moment, but maybe they will come out with some new flavors in the future and quickly “Rise” to the top!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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