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If you follow our page you know that I am getting married next year, so the food has to be on point! I have an amazing caterer lined up, some fun dessert ideas, but we have not settled on a cake ye. I have never been to a cake tasting before and had no idea what to expect. Do the cakes come out in slices pre-made, and will I be able to consume that much cake in a small period.

Prosperity: Kitchen & Pantry is the sister restaurant to Commune who we have done a review on that you can CLICK HERE to read. Only prosperity focuses on fresh-baked pastries and desserts that are to die for. Last year I ordered two dozen cupcakes from prosperity for my fiancés birthday in April, which were a mix of diffrent flavors. So when we thought about places to have to build our wedding cake, Prosperity had to make the list.

Salt & Pepper Cookie, Granola Cookie, Potatoe Chip Chocolate Chip Cookie

One of my favorite items to grab from Prosperity is the Corn-Cookie with jalapeño icing. It has just the right amount of sweetness in the cookie, and a hint of sweetness and spice in the topping. Prosperity also makes chocolate and potato chip cookies, homemade pop tarts, croissants, and whole loaves of bread you can buy. The best part is the staff is always eager to help, giving recommendations, and can give you an idea of how some of the more awkward cookies can taste.

Cake Tasting

Cake Tasting Tray

I had a lot of fun at the cake tasting, and I enjoyed the presentation of the icing, filling, and cakes. Some of our favorite icings included champagne, honey, and brown butter.The Swiss meringue was okay but a little too light for a wedding cake, the brown butter was also tasty but grainy from the sugar crystals. The red wine jelly filling tasted different but I enjoyed the sweet and sour contrast. The caramel and ganache fillings were very overpowering, but the lavender and the peach were cool and light, something you would want for an outdoor wedding in May.

I enjoyed all of the cakes except for the chocolate cake, not only because it’s very left field, but because it’s overpowering. The other flavors were amazing and it was hard to find one we enjoyed more than another, especially in the right combination.Honey cake, peach filling, with champagne icing, or yogurt cake with lavender filling and honey icing. The combinations just because more delicious than we imagined them.

Overall I love going to Prosperity: Kitchen and Pantry because of the friendly service, the amazing pastries, and how they treated my first cake tasting experience. The next time you are in Virginia Beach, and have never been to Prosperity, definitely give it a try. Then if you have a craving for brunch, just walk across the street to Commune and have an awesome meal there.

Prosperity: Kitchen & Pantry is located at: 532 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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