What Happened To the Monster Energy: Moscow Mule?

Late last year Monster came out with what I believe to be their best tasting drink yet. The Monster Mule, a non-alcoholic monster energy drink fused with ginger beer flavor This ginger brew monster concoction not only provided the energy boost you would expect from a Monster but tasted so good.

If you have read our other posts, you know I am a fan of the zero sugar Monster energy drink. I prefer not to drink my calories and I also do enjoy the amount of sugar that comes in the non-sugarfree alternatives. If I do change, I might go for a Monster Juice , because they are also tasty. Despite my disregard for the amount of sugar in the Monster Mule, I consumed one every day.

While at a local bar recently, someone ordered a Moscow mule. All the wiring in my brain started to fire, and remind me I had not had a Monster Mule in forever. I immediately started getting a craving for some and took to Amazon to order a case. To my surprise, I could not find them anywhere online. Even when I visited the Monster official website, they do not sell the Mule directly, instead they off links to Amazon and Walmart to purchase. Each link led to a page not found error message or a ”This Item is no longer in stock” site.

I am now determined to get the Moscow Monster Mule back and encourage everyone to taste it. I may be the single greatest energy drink I have ever tasted. It is also definitely one of my favorite tasting drinks, especially if you add a little alcohol to the mix. Get ready for the Monster Mule showdown that will rival the Rick and Morty schezwan sauce battle!

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