Crazy Awesome Kitchen Gadget Prime Deals on Amazon!

We have a special round of awesome amazon deals to share with everyone this Wednesday and it includes torch lighters, cabinet organizers, bamboo boards, and fun utensil rests with drip pad to keep your kitchen clean! Believe it or not… Read More ›

How to make Tortillas!

Nothing can quite compare to biting into a freshly made warm corn tortilla. Sure you could buy tortillas at the store and heat them in the oven, but this is only satisfying when you have never made fresh tortillas. Traditionally… Read More ›

How to make Cereal Milk!

I used to remember the days when I would add regular 2% milk to my coffee or baking cookies and adding regular milk that muggles (Harry Potter reference sorry) drink without thinking of the possibilities of flavored milk. Imagine making… Read More ›